Turf Office Furniture, formerly Five Star Furniture, was founded by Mr. Fisher and Mr. Perlstein, business men, who knew other business owners who wouldn’t undertake to build a proper environment because it was too big of a headache. Instead, these business owners would make due with old furniture, insubstantial filing cabinets, improperly fitted cubicles that all resulted in a poor office environment. Perlstein and Fisher decided to jump in and create the company that will build great offices that require no work from their clients. Over the years, they’ve perfected the Turf system to make the entire process visual, affordable and efficient.

Today Turf has outfitted and furnished hundreds of establishments, entire buildings and facilities. When you enter a Turf-built space you can instantly feel the fluid energy, effective layout and modular workspaces. Turf prides itself for its keen understanding of its clients’ needs, fast turnaround and always keeping their pulse on the latest designs, styles and updates for the industries they service. Get started with your free quote today!

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  • Free Estimates - You can figure your costs before you embark on a project.
    24- hour Rendering - See exactly what your space will look like before you commit.
    Standard products - Order from a huge selection of in-stock desks and chairs.
    Custom furniture - What you can imagined, Turf can create.
    Installation - Trust Turf to get the entire project, from design to installation, done.
    Delivery - Get your orders delivered on time, with no delays.
    Warranties - Rest assured that your products are covered for damage.
    Quick Ship - Turf ships nationwide- and fast. Any deadline can be met.

    Turf offers a complete range of services for 3 core industries:

    Corporate - From standard chairs and desks to custom modular workstations and cubicles, Turf can design and outfit every corner of your office.
    Medical - From bedrooms, to lobbies, to waiting rooms, you can leave all the work to us. Turf will create an environment that is elegant, inviting and economical.
    Educational - From classrooms to to offices to lunchrooms, get the entire facility designed and furnished for the students to begin their classes.

    Turf has simplified office planning and design. The process is quick and simple, and made to complete every kind of project, under any time frame.

    Analysis - During this first stage, Turf gathers information about your goals, daily operations, space functionality, budget and design criteria. This information will guide us to create the space that is exactly what you need and beyond.
    Planning & Layout - With all your information in hand, Turf’s designers will create a floor plan and design that fits every criteria of your plan.
    Visualization - Turf will create a 3D rendering of your project so that you can visualize the final product. With the rendering in hand, you can make any necessary changes to better fit your office needs.
    Installation - Once you’ve approved of the design, Turf manages every aspect of the project until it is professionally installed and ready for a day of work.
    Maintenance - After your office is up and running, you may need routine maintenance such as adding a cubicle or reordering some parts. When you need, Turf will be there to make sure your furniture is adaptable and always in the best condition.

    I needed to relocate my office under very short notice. Turf came through in our unrealistic time-frame and surprised us by creating an office that was so pleasant and fluid yet within our budget. I don’t know how we would’ve managed to relocate without Turf.

    -Chaim L, Insurance Office

    When our nursing home underwent construction we had strict government regulation to comply with. Turf helped us navigate the maze of requirements, restrictions and budgets and still delivered the products that make our facility so inviting and famous.

    -Barbara L, Nursing Home Comptroller

    Building our ten-story commercial building in the heart of Brooklyn was very exciting. The smartest thing we did was to partner with Turf to manage all the office planning, design and installation. Our tenets are very pleased with the functionality of the spaces Turf has created.

    - Sam P. Real Estate Developer