We’re Selective

Because your business
deserves the best

Every Turf product has the TurfCheck seal of approval, so your
workspace lasts for years to come.


Turf furniture is known for durability, stability, and practicality, the three essential qualities required for commercial-use furniture. Our furniture is designed to endure the wear and tear that develop over time from constant usage


Turf customers deserve the best. To ensure that, we only manufacture within the U.S. and Canada, providing you with better value and superior quality furniture, while supporting factories who abide by fair labor laws.

Safety Standards

We meet and exceed all U.S. furniture safety compliance and take extra steps to maintain their long-term safety. Our furnishings are fit for usage in healthcare, educational, and governmental institutions.

Weight and Capacity

Our furniture hold loads above the typical threshold and can withstand constant use. Although strong in might, our products are of average weight, making them easy to install and transport. A win-win situation.


Our updated stylists are well-versed in the popular furniture options, design techniques, and office vibes, allowing you to bring the mood you desire into your office.


Our furniture features a minimum 15-year warranty that guarantees replacement in the event of a faulty product. We know that our products will last you for decades, through many successful business endeavors.